Crypto Mondays

Updated: Mar 21, 2019

The launch of CryptoMondays in Switzerland - the global initiative that brings together movers and shakers in blockchain space! in partnership of CV VC, Crypto World Zug Association, Kate Vass Galerie, SPBA and Orion Vault AG

The first meetup was hosted during our exceptional exhibition 'Perfect & Priceless' at Kate Vass Galerie where engineering meets art. First blockchain art exhibition ever organized in Switzerland with showcasing group of artists using blockchain technology as an artistic expression. We were hearing from world-class creators & engineers who push boundaries of what we call art:

John Watkinson - is a Canadian computer scientist and generative artist living in Brooklyn. He was the co-creator of the "Cryptopunks"-- the first crypto art token on Ethereum. Myn Kang - UX & Design lead at Google, previously led design teams at Facebook, Wieden and Kennedy, startup co-founder, and creative thinker.

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by ART&TECH ASSOCIATION SWITZERLAND. FELDEGGSTRASSE 88. CH-8008 ZÜRICH. artandtechswitzerland@gmail.com

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